Alejandro Herrera
First appearance Four Months Later...
Gender Male
Sibling(s) Maya Herrera (fraternal twin sister)

Alejandro Herrera, along with his sister Maya, are attempting to reach the United States from Guatemala in order to find Chandra Suresh in New York City (not knowing at the time that he was deceased), who they believe might be able to cure Maya's power to release a deadly virus onto everyone around her when she's upset. Only he has the power to reverse its effects.

Volume Two Edit

Despite the fact that his sister Maya's deadly power was responsible for the death of his wife on the day that they were wed, Alejandro still decided to help his sister in her quest to America to have her power which she thought was an illness or a curse, inspected by Mohinder Suresh. After finding Sylar, Alejandro was skeptical of the man and got into a few confrontations with him. One of those confrontations ended up in fists flying every which way. Later in season 2, after Maya decided to stay with Sylar, Alejandro confronted the power thief again but wound up being stabbed to death in the hotel room in which Sylar was staying. Maya later came to see Sylar in his room and unknown to her, her brother was lying dead on the floor just a few feet from where she stood, talking to his killer.



Before Alejandro was killed by Sylar, he started to speak perhaps the only english he knew.

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