Angela Petrelli
First appearance Genesis
Powers Precognitive dreaming
Gender Female
Age 64
Occupation Founding member and former chairwoman of the Company,
Yamagato Industries major shareholder
Residence Apartment in New York City,
formerly a large mansion in New York City
Child(ren) Nathan Petrelli (deceased),
Peter Petrelli
Sibling(s) Alice Shaw

Angela Petrelli is the last surviving founding member of the Company, as well as the wife of Arthur Petrelli and the mother of Nathan and Peter. She is an advanced human with the power to see the future in her dreams.

Character Overview Volume One She calls her son Nathan after she has been arrested for shoplifting. It is revealed in 1961 that the reason she shoplifted the socks was because her sister didn't have socks at Coyote Sands and she steals socks in her sister, Alice Shaw's memory.

She has connections to the Nakamura family and is a target for death on someone's list as she appears in a photo with many people that were killed.

Volume Two Volume Three The Second Coming The Butterfly Effect One of Us, One of Them I Am Become Death Dual It is revealed that Sylar is not her son, and that she has used him.

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