Aron Malsky
First appearance Godsend
Powers None
Gender Male
Occupation Formerly an accountant for Linderman Group

Aron Malsky was an agent of Daniel Linderman.

Character HistoryEdit


Aron shows up at the Sanderses' home. D.L. Hawkins asks if all the charges against him have been dropped; Aron confirms that Niki's confession helped clear D.L. The rest would be taken care of. D.L. returns the money to Aron in exchange for Linderman leaving him and his family alone. Aron replies by saying that Mr. Linderman never said there was a deal.


A guard escorts Mr. Malsky into Niki's cell. He tells Niki that she is being released. He tells her that an inmate on death row has suddenly confessed to all the crimes for which Niki was being held. Niki pleads with him to let her remain in jail, but he refuses.


Officer Matt Parkman is hired to work private security for Mr. Malsky. Jessica has been ordered by Daniel to kill Malsky for stealing the $2 million he retrieved from D.L. Hawkins. Parkman drives Mr. Malsky to his destination, Ridgway Jewelry, and hears the thoughts of the diamond merchant alluding to a set up that will result in Mr. Malksy's [death. Depite Matt's best efforts to protect his ward, Jessica rips Malsky's body in two, but not before he is able to hide the diamonds in the ceiling.