Bob Bishop
First appearance Four Months Later...
Formal name Robert Bishop
Gender Male
Occupation Founding member and former chairman of the Company,
Primatech Paper Co. regional sales manager
Child(ren) Elle Bishop (deceased)

Robert "Bob" Bishop was one of the Company founders and father to Elle Bishop. He had a power to change materials into solid gold. Bob died when Sylar had somehow apparently gotten to him and killed him, replicating Bob's power.

Character OverviewEdit

Early LifeEdit

"She's right. We're freaks and their going to make us normal." - Bob Bishop, 1961 In February 1961, at Coyote Sands, Charles Deveaux, Daniel Linderman and Bob visited the cabin that Angela Shaw and her sister were in. Charles introduced himself and his friends and commented that Bobby came to the cabin to say how beautiful Angela was. Bob denied it, so Charles continued to flirt with Angela until they left.

A month later, Angela awoke from a nightmare. Outside, the trio confronted Angela after stating that they heard that her nightmares come true. Charles made her aware that they all had powers and to prove it, Linderman healed the bicycle accident scar on Angela's leg. Angela insisted that they would get help and Bob agreed, stating that they are "freaks". Charles asked about what her nightmares were about but Angela only advised them that Chandra Suresh could not be trusted.In May 1961, the trio and Angela] sneaked out to Coyote Sands Café. After telling them that the police don't believe her about the camp, she got frustrated that none of them were taking action. Bob offered Angela a fry. When the trio and Angela heard of a severe storm from the radio, Angela urgently told them they needed to go back to her sister.

After witnessing the devastation at the camp, the trio and Angela sought refuge back at the café. Angela informed them that she had another dream where they will form a Company dedicated to help people like them. Bob nervously told her that they're "just kids" but Angela tells him "not anymore". Angela told them all that the things they will do to keep their secret safe will be a necessary evil. ("1961")

Volume Two Edit

In the beginning of volume two, Robert Bishop was an admirer of Docter Mohinder Suresh. He urged him to help the Company find the ones with powers, and help them for the greater good. Mohinder agrees and starts to work for the Company. He sends his daughter, Elle, to find Peter Petrelli who has escaped from the Company.

Volume Three Edit

Sylar broke into Robert bishops office in a secret facility and killed Bishop.


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