Brian Davis
First appearance Six Months Ago
Powers Telekinesis
Gender Male

Brian Davis was an advanced human with the power of telekinesis. Sylar replicated his power making Brian the first of Sylar's victims.

Character OverviewEdit

Davis was one of the many people that Dr. Chandra Suresh found and was planning to speak with about his powers which in this case was telekinesis. Brian Davis' name is seen on a post-it note on a folder in Dr. Suresh's office which Sylar took in his fit of rage after Dr. Suresh told him that he needed to follow other leads and stop focusing on only Sylar, which had no proof of his powers at the time. Sylar then calls Brian Davis and says he's Dr. Suresh to get him to come over to meet with him. Once Brian arrives at Sylar's shop he demonstrates his power by moving a cup across a table with telekinesis and asks Sylar if he can fix him, meaning get rid of his powers, because he is afraid he might hurt people. Sylar then says that he can help but when Brian Davis turns around Sylar hits him in the head, killing him. He then discovers that he has the power of Perceptive comprehension, the power to be able to see how things work. Sylar uses this to examine Davis' brain and replicate his power, however this kills Brian in the process.

Advanced Human PowerEdit

Brain possessed the power of Telekinesis, the power to remotely move objects and people without physically interacting with them. Since we only saw use of Brain's powers once, we could safely assume that what Sylar does with Telekinesis is what Brian could do if he were still alive and had developed it. Sylar has been seen to use it to cut open the tops of people's heads, exposing the brain so he can take the power. He has also been seen to use it to throw people against walls as to stop them moving. On certain occasions, such as if a power is channeled through the hands, it stops the person using their powers.


  • Brian's first name is an anagram of 'Brain', and he is the first victim of Sylar which he examined his brain and replicated his power.