Charlie Andrews
First appearance Seven Minutes to Midnight
Formal name Charlene Andrews
Gender Female
Age at least 85
Occupation Waitress
Child(ren) Four unnamed children,


Charlene "Charlie" Andrews, portrayed by Jayma Mays, is a waitress at the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, Texas, where Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi stop to eat on their road trip to New York. After she reveals to Hiro that she had recently developed the power to quickly memorize and recall any information with great accuracy in a seemingly unlimited volume, Sylar murders her in the diner's storeroom, removing her brain in the same manner as his other victims.[1] Hiro tries to prevent her murder by going back in time one day to warn her, but he accidentally goes back six months, to April 24 (Charlie's birthday). He convinces Charlie that both he and she have special powers by stopping time to make one thousand origami cranes. After taking a job at the diner and dating Charlie, Hiro buys two tickets to take her to Tokyo. Charlie ponders her feelings and tells Hiro that while she does not usually let people get close to her due to a blood clot in her brain that is killing her, he makes her feel happy and she loves him. However, when Hiro and Charlie are about to kiss, he inadvertently teleports back to present day Japan and is unable to return.

Volume 5Edit

While Hiro is in hospital he manages to teleport back in time to before Charlie died. She is very pleased to see Hiro and gives him a big hug. After this Hiro saves Charlie's life by removing Sylar. Sylar gets annoyed and threatens Hir. Charlie is suffering with her brain clot so Hiro des a deal with Sylar, telling him how he will die so he will save Charlie's life and not kill either of them. Sylar does so, and Charlie is healed. Charlie and Hiro get ready to go on a trip to Japan, however one of Samuel's men takes Charlie away so Hiro will do something for him.


Currently, a book is available to the fans of Hiro and Charlie's relationship. It is titled "Saving Charlie.


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