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First appearance Genesis
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Cockroaches have been seen or talked about by characters.



While speaking to his class at Chennai University, Dr. Mohinder Suresh cites the cockroach as the pinnacle of evolution, and lists several of its advanced attributes. Later on, Mohinder arrives at his father's apartment, and is disgusted when he steps on a cockroach that he sees on the floor.

Don't Look BackEdit

The exterminator tells Mohinder that cockroaches have infested the floorboards of his apartment. After they scuffle, Mohinder says that cockroaches are the least of his problems.


At Primatech Paper Co., Sylar watches a cockroach roam the floor of his cell.

The FixEdit

Sylar remains on the floor of his cell and watches the cockroach walking next to his head.


Dale notes that when she first realized her powers, the sound of a cockroach's footsteps in her neighbor's home sounded like a marching band.


While Matt is unconscious in his cell, a cockroach crawls across Matt's meal.

How to Stop an Exploding ManEdit

At Kirby Plaza, a cockroach crawls over an open manhole cover near a trail of Sylar's blood.

The Kindness of StrangersEdit

A cockroach crawls over the brick which Sylar has used to kill Derek in a Mexican shop.

Graphic Novel:Molly's DreamEdit

In a nightmare, Molly's bed turns into an enormous cockroach, which she rides out of Mohinder's apartment. In the streets of New York City, she encounters Sylar, who turns into a swarm of cockroaches which terrorizes Molly.

I Am Become DeathEdit

A cockroach crawls over the voice recorder Mohinder used to record his notes about the genetic modification formula he created.

Graphic Novel:DoyleEdit

A cockroach crawls along the floor of Eric's cell. When Michael enters, he uses his ability to zap the cockroach to death.


  • In an interview, Tim Kring said he became fascinated with the idea of cockroaches possibly being "the pinnacle of evolution because they were so capable of adapting and existing in really troubled times." He continued, "They are so perfectly genetically engineered. So, for me, it became the embodiment of this idea of evolution."
  • In a Q&A session, writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite said emphatically that "Sylar did not turn into a cockroach" at the end of the season finale. They also suggested that it was symbolism that Sylar is like a human cockroach —- he's darn near impossible to completely get rid of.
  • In a comment to 3.07, the transformation of Mohinder into an insect is part of the cockroach imagery.


  • A cockroach can hold its breath for 45 minutes and has the ability to slow down its heart rate.
  • Cockroaches have a much higher radiation resistance than vertebrates (up to 15 times more resistant than humans).
  • Cockroaches can survive for at least seven days (and up to a month in some cases) without a head.
  • Cockroaches can also survive without eating for one month.

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