Possessed by: James Walker
Tracy Strauss
Previously possessed by: Sylar
Peter Petrelli

Cryokinesis is the psionic power to reduce the kinetic energy of atoms, thereby causing objects to cool or freeze. It has been shown to generate ice or freeze other subjects. The object is frozen to the point in which it easily shatters.

Physical contact seems necessary in order to freeze something with the power, with the exception of in Five Years Gone, when the future variant of Sylar used it as a long-range energy weapon against the future version of Peter.Tracy strauss Niki's triplet sister also has this ability. Originally she only freezed things with touch.She first used her power on reporter that was blackmailing her,and in her rage she freezed him in seconds and he shattered. At the time Tracy developed her power and created cryokinetic outburst that freezed whole union wells station and Danko's team members but she also freezed herself and shattered when Danko shot her. But she managed to blink even in shattered form and later her power extended to Hydrokinesis that evidenced in An Invisible Thread. It has been confirmed that this woman is Tracy.

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