Eden McCain
First appearance Don't Look Back
Formal name Sarah Ellis
Gender Female
Occupation agent of the Company, bookshop employee (cover), former criminal

Sarah Ellis is an advanced human with the power of suggestion, under the alias of Eden McCain. Eden committed suicide so Sylar would not take her ability.

Character HistoryEdit

Doing jobs for Primatech, Eden kept a close eye on Mohinder Suresh for the Company and she also brought in Isaac Mendez for Noah Bennet so that he could have Isaac paint Claire's future for him. After some unsuccessful attempts at painting off of the heroin, Noah made Eden use her abilities to make an unwilling Isaac use some of the drugs again so that he could paint the results that Bennet wanted. Eden was a bit reluctant, but did her job. Sometime later, thinking that Sylar should not remain alive, Eden took a gun and went to where the killer was kept. She had planned on giving him the gun and telling him to kill himself. Her plan failed and she wound up killing herself to prevent Sylar from stealing her power. Her body was dumped in Lake Ramsey by the Company and was reported as a suicide by the FBI, who later questioned Mohinder Suresh about her, revealing her name to be Sarah Ellis instead of Eden McCain.

Apparently, before her demise and before working for the Company, Eden used her ability to go on a crime spree. She was once pulled over by Matt Parkman, who later found himself scarfing down doughnuts due to the effects of Eden's power.

Advanced Human PowersEdit

Eden had the ability of vocal Suggestion. Whatever she told someone to do, they did. Only Sylar seemed to be resistant to her ability.