Elisa Thayer
First appearance Don't Look Back
Powers None
Gender Female
Occupation FBI Agent

Elisa Thayer is a FBI agent who works with at FBI Headquarters, and acts as Audrey Hanson's superior field officer.

Character HistoryEdit

Don't Look BackEdit

Agent Thayer investigates the Walker murder scene with Audrey Hanson. She believes Sylar is just a myth, the "last words of a dying victim" that "didn't mean anything". She questions Matt after he locates Molly Walker, but decides that he just got lucky.

Seven Minutes to MidnightEdit

She gives Audrey one hour to interrogate [ed, whom she believes is hiding nuclear material. When the hour is up she comes with other FBI agents to collect Ted and bring him to an unknown location for suspected terrorists. En route, the vehicle that is transporting Ted is destroyed when he escapes.


Agent Thayer arrives at Primatech Paper Co. for the raid that Audrey and Matt set up. When their efforts prove fruitless, Agent Thayer berates Matt, and temporarily suspends Audrey. When Matt insists that the possibility of a secret room exists, the FBI agent sarcastically replies that there is also a possibility she can "whistle 'The Star Spangled Banner' out her ass."