Emile Danko
First appearance Under the Bridge, Part 2
Gender Male
Occupation formerly Senior Agent of Homeland Security
Residence Danko's apartment

Emile Danko is Nathan's hunter.

Character HistoryEdit

Danko was first intoduced when he took down Tracy Strauss in her house. He is working with Nathan and Noah Bennet to round up people with powers, but he views the targets as monsters, not humans, which Nathan had to tell him. In Trust and Blood he has an argument with Nathan about killing the targets, and not just rounding them up. He is the one who loosens Tracy's chains and lets her loose to save the organization who are taking down these people with powers. Peter uses the information he gains from Matt reading Noah's mind to go and see Danko, and kill him. Peter holds a gun to Danko's head, but Nathan saves Danko. In Exposed Danko tracks Peter down and is about to kill him, but shoots him in the arm. He was chopped up and killed in Orientation by Edgar. Later Noah Bennet comes and finds a key in Danko's split open stomach, which opens a box witha compass in it, then Edgar returns and Peter fights him and Edgar runs off, without the compass he came for.


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