Eric Doyle
First appearance The Butterfly Effect
Gender Male
Age 41
Occupation Former owner of Doyle's Marionette Theatre,
Former office worker at Copy Kingdom Headquarters,
Residence Eric Doyle's apartment

Eric Doyle is a Level 5 escapee.

Volume 3Edit

He is first introduced in The Butterfly Effect, but has a bigger role in the episode Angels and Monsters, where he keeps Meredith under his command. In Dying of the Light he has his biggest role yet, when Claire and Sandra go to save Meredith. He, however captures them and forces them to play russian roulette. It all comes down to Sandra, who shoots Claire. Claire heals and knocks Doyle out. Noah comes and marks him and takes him back to Level 5. in the episode Dual, Noah frees the Level 5 prisoners and tells them that the one who brings him Sylar's head is granted their freedom. When Sylar is about to attack Meredith, Doyle comes to her rescue and takes a hold of Sylar. However, Sylar is able to knock Doyle out using telekinesis with his mind. Doyle is appearantly left for dead when Primatech burns to the ground.

Volume FourEdit

But Eric Doyle did not die when Primatech burnt to the ground. He shows up at the Bennet's house, Rebel sent him a message saying: Claire will help you.


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