First appearance Better Halves
Powers None
Gender Male
Occupation Medical professional with the Company

Hank was a medical employee of the Company and worked with Mr. Bennet.

Character HistoryEdit

Better HalvesEdit

Mr. Bennet tells Claire he has arranged a meeting with her biological parents, Hank and Lisa. They arrive at the Bennets' home and answer Claire's questions about them. They tell Claire they are no longer together—they dated in high school, but the relationship did not survive until graduation. They tell Claire that Hank wanted to keep the baby, but Lisa did not. Claire, interested in finding out about her mysterious power or Regeneration, asks about their medical histories. Lisa tells her she has diabetes, and Hank tells her that all she has to worry from his side of the family is a history of cancer and heart disease.

After the meeting, Mr. Bennet thanks the parents for coming, and is pleased with how the meeting went. When they asked if there is anything else he needs from them, Mr. Bennet answers. "I'll keep you posted."


Hank, wearing a lab coat, tells Mr. Bennet that despite running tests on Sylar, they can't find anything besides Telekinesis. He adds that running further tests might kill him.

The FixEdit

Mr. Bennet enters Sylar's cell where Hank is examining Sylar. Hank informs Mr. Bennet that Sylar's vitals are irregular. Mr. Bennet isn't surprised and tells Hank to keep him stabilized, doing whatever it takes it keep him alive.

Later, Hank calls Mr. Bennet and tells him that Sylar is dead. Hank asks what to do with the body and Mr. Bennet tells him to prepare it for shipping. Hank removes the restraints from Sylar. Sylar suddenly opens his eyes.

When Mr. Bennet arrives at Sylar's cell, he pulls back a sheet over the body, revealing Hank's body instead of Sylar's.