Kaito Nakamura
First appearance The Fix
Powers Unknown
Formal name 中村楓翔, Nakamura Kaito
Gender Male
Occupation CEO of Yamagato Industries, Company founding member & Official
Residence Penthouse apartment at the top of the Deveaux building
Child(ren) Hiro Nakamura,
Kimiko Nakamura

Kaito Nakamura was the father of Hiro Nakamura and Kimiko Nakamura and one of the founding members of The Company, along with Angela Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli, Daniel Linderman, Charles Deveaux, Adam Monroe (AKA Takezo Kensei), Maury Parkman and Bob Bishop.

Husband of Ishi Nakamura, he was also CEO of Yamagato Industries until his murder by Adam Monroe atop the Deveaux Building - revenge for Adam's imprisoninment after his attempt to release the Shanti Virus upon the world approximately 30 years before the events of Volume Two: "Generations". Kaito also holds great love for his son but tries to hide it by distanceing himself.


Notes Edit

Kaito reveals to Ando that he hs a ability to predict outcomes of all things which he used to conquer the stock market in the Season 2 Deleted Scenes Four Months Later

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