Linderman's guard
First appearance Parasite
Powers None
Formal name Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Security guard

Mr. Linderman has a guard who does his bidding.

Character HistoryEdit


At the Corinthian Casino, Nathan and Linderman's guard ride the elevator to meet Daniel Linderman. When Nathan reaches for the elevator button to go up, the guard tells Nathan that Linderman won't be meeting Nathan in his office. The guard then escorts Nathan down to the kitchen.


The guard, along with another guard, stands watch outside the Sanderses' home as Daniel Linderman meets Micah.

How to Stop an Exploding ManEdit

Linderman's guard and two other guards break down a door on the forty-second floor of the Kirby Plaza building looking for Niki and D.L. The guards check the elevator, but find that their targets have escaped.