Lyle Bennet
First appearance Genesis
Powers None
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Residence Single-family home in Costa Verde, CA
Sibling(s) Claire Bennet (older adoptive sister)

Lyle Bennet is Claire Bennet's adoptive brother and Noah Bennet and Sandra Bennet's biological son. He made his first appearance in Genesis. He discovers Claire's power when he staples her hand. However, he forgets this when his memory wiped. He is still living during the events of Four Months Later.

Character History Edit

Volume One Edit

In Nothing to Hide Lyle discover's Claire's power when he finds the video cassette she made with Zach.

After Claire tells her father Lyle knows about her power Lyle mysteriously forgets he had made such a discovery.

Later Lyle rediscovers Claire's secret and must deal with the consequences of having this knowledge

Volume Three Edit

Elle Bishop attacks Lyle at the Bennet home and later once Lyle has recovered he neutralizes Elle's power by throwing water on her.

Volume Four Edit

Lyle gets a C- on his history test so Sandra Bennet takes away his driving license. Then uses him to help her and Claire Bennet sneak out someone with the power to breathe under-water.

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