Maury Parkman
First appearance Fight or Flight
Powers Telepathy
Gender Male
Age 63 (at death)
Occupation Founding member and agent of the Company,
Agent of Pinehearst Company,
Former thief,
Former TMI employee,
Former point person of West Coast Ops,
Former junior tug boat operator
Child(ren) Matt Parkman

Maury Parkman is Matt Parkman's father. He is responsible for Molly Walker's nightmares, to whom he is known as "the Nightmare Man".

Character OverviewEdit

Maury Parkman shows up in the photograph showing several of the already dead. As he had connections to Nathan Petrelli's mother Angela Petrelli, and was at the location that Molly found, he was of interest to Matt, even though he had left Matt when he was 13.

When Matt and Nathan reach his apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, they kick open his door, only to be met with a shotgun. Matt subdues his father and reveals that he can read minds. Maury, surprised at this shows that he has the power too, but that it doesn't stop there. Maury shows them that he is one of the next to be killed, as shown by the helix drawn over his face on the picture.

Maury distracts them by looking for something to show them but when Matt follows him into the next room, it changes into a prison cell where Matt encounters his wife Janice and their newborn child. Nathan rushes into the room to find a balcony overlooking a fiery New York City. Nathan sees his other self, a burned face from the aftermath of the explosion. They begin fighting with each other. Meanwhile, Matt begins fighting with the prison guard. Unknown to both Matt and Nathan is that they are really fighting each other. After Matt and Nathan snap out of their living nightmare, they find that Maury is long gone.

Later, Maury attacks the Company facility where Matt, Molly, Niki and Mohinder are. He tries to kill the Company man Bob by manipulating Niki, showing her an illusion of Bob shooting DL. While Mohinder saves Bob by injecting Niki with Shanti virus, Matt imprisons Maury into his own nightmare world where Maury had trapped Molly, preventing him from causing further trouble.Although the plan backfired when Matt trapped Mayry in his own nightmare.

He later appears in Season 3 where he made Nathan and Daphne think Linderman was talking to them. He is later killed by Arthur Petrelli.


  • Though he left Matt and his mother when Matt was 13 years old and traps Matt inside a nightmare with Molly, he seems to care for Matt when he objects to Arthur's order to kill Matt.
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