First appearance The Kindness of Strangers
Gender female
Occupation Student (cheerleader)

May is a cheerleader at CVHS.

Character HistoryEdit

The Kindness of StrangersEdit

May gives Claire a parental release form for her to become a cheerleader, mentioning how she stood up to Debbie on her first day. Claire agrees to consider it.

The LineEdit

While running a tryout, head cheerleader Debbie rudely rejects Claire and two others. May tries to intervene and get Claire on the squad, but Debbie refuses.

At cheerleading practice that night, May protests when a drunk Debbie tries to embarrass some overweight cheerleaders by writing their measurements on their foreheads. After Debbie is suspended from the cheerleading for drinking on school grounds, May tells Claire that the squad has an opening.

One of Us, One of ThemEdit

May shows up at Claire's house to go with her on a cheerleading retreat.