Mohinder the Lizard
First appearance Don't Look Back
Powers None
Gender Male
Occupation Pet
Residence Mohinder's apartment

Before his death, Chandra Suresh kept a pet lizard, named Mohinder after his son.


Don't Look BackEdit

As Mohinder Suresh and Eden McCain tour the wreckage of Chandra's apartment, they notice that the lizard has gone missing. While searching for the lizard, Eden finds him on a bookshelf. She returns him to his terrarium, and subsequently discovers a USA flashdrive half-buried in the gravel. The portable drive, it is revealed, contains the algorithm.

Better HalvesEdit

As Mohinder Suresh tells den about his experience with Peter, Eden takes Mohinder the lizard out of his cage and carries him with her around the room. Upon hearing that Mohinder (the man) is going back to Indi to scatter his father's ashes, Eden holds out the lizard with a smile and asks, "And what about Mohinder?" Mohinder laughs and thanks Eden for all she has done.


When Mohinder arrives at his apartment, he checks on the lizard. Still upset by the fact that Eden is dead, he sadly states "I don't even know what she fed you." Mr. Bennet, waiting for Mohinder, replies, "They eat crickets ... lots of crickets."

The Second ComingEdit

Mohinder retrieves a flash drive from the lizard's cage.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of ThingsEdit

In Mohinder's apartment, the lizard is seen in his cage as Eden and Mohinder look at a computer.