Mr. Muggles
First appearance Genesis
Powers None
Gender Male
Occupation Breeding showdog, Pet
Residence Single-family home in Costa Verde, CA


'Mr. Muggles' is a Pomeranian.


Mr. Muggles is the house pet for the Bennet family. He often is around the wife of the house, Sandra Bennet. He is a very well mannered dog. He is protective of the family even if he can't do much to help. He is spoiled by Sandra and is very successful in Dog Competitions, and likes watching Dog fashion shows. After Noah and Sandra divorce Mr. Muggles is mentioned at Noah's apartment when Sandra and new boyfriend come around, it seems they got together when Mr Muggles becomes interested in his dog.


In series two Sandra comes back from a walk and says: "You wouldn't believe it but that dog can power walk." So now there is a joke tha Mr. Muggles' power is power walk.