Power Theft is a power that allows the user to rob the powers of other advanced humans through physical contact. The only known possessor of this ability was Arthur Petrelli.

In order for the acquisition to take place, the acquirer must make physical contact with an advanced human while that advanced human is either restrained or kept still long enough. The original advanced human loses all of their powers as a result. If a power keeps one alive they will be killed, such as was the case with Adam Monroe. It is claimed by Arthur Petrelli that once he takes somebody's abilities, they will never return, but both Peter Petrelli and Hiro Nakamura are exceptions to this rule, Peter injecting himself with the Formula and Hiro's powers being reactivated by Matt Parkman Jr.

The acquirer retains access to these powers for an unknown amount of time (possibly till relinquished), and can access them at will.

Characters who possess this power Edit

Arthur Petrelli (deceased)

Abilities Stolen Edit

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