Precognition is the superhuman ability to perceive future events before they occur. The ability is also clairvoyant, in that it can perceive events that are hidden from the viewpoint of the possessor (e.g. it can perceive events that take place many miles away from the location of the superhuman at that point in time).

Precognition has manifested itself in several different ways including but not limited to:

Precognitive Painting
Precognitive dreaming
Precognitive Trance (induced by ingesting Usutu's concoction)

This power as seen so far appears limited in a number of ways:

  • The possessor has no control over what events they see, though they seem invariably to be events that are significant in some way;
  • The vision contains only visual information, not sound;
  • They only see events as an instant in time from a single viewpoint, and have no context for what they see. As such, they are often unable to interpret the images they have created until after the predicted event has occurred.

Characters who possess this powerEdit