Samuel Sullivan
First appearance Orientation
Gender Male
Occupation Carnival worker
Residence Sullivan Bros. Carnival,
formerly Coyote Sands,
formerly The Sullivans' childhood home
Sibling(s) Joseph Sullivan (deceased)

Samuel Sullivan is the leader of the Sullivan Bros. Carnival. He first appears in the first episode of Volume Five of the fourth season of Heroes.

Character HistoryEdit

Samuel is first seen reciting a eulogy over his brother, Joseph's, grave. From what is seen in the episode Ink, Samuel's father was a butler for a wealthy family in New York, and that his family lived on the property.

Later during the episode Thanksgiving, Samuel watches Chandra's film then refuses to reveal Charlie's whereabouts to Hiro. Afterwards Lydia convinces Hiro to take her to the past to the day that Joseph was murdered. While in the past, Hiro and Lydia witness Joseph's murder at Samuel's hands.

Advanced Human Powers Edit

Samuel has the power of terrakinesis, the literal power to control the the earth and earth itself. Samuel has displayed the power to control the ground beneath him and the ability to control ink. Samuel's power manifested even before his birth, which is so far unheard of throughout the duration of the series. At the moment of his birth there was a massive earthquake at the research facility Coyote Sands, Chandra Suresh kept a tape recording his theory about how Samuel's power is affected by other 'specials' magnifying his power. Samuel did not know about how powerful he could be until, he found out by eavesdropping on a conversation between Mohinder and Joseph Sullivan. Samuel's power is very diverse, allowing him to make great sinkholes, levelling buildings as well as remotley controlling small rocks, which he uses to kill Mohinder, until Hiro goes back in time and straps a flak jacket onto him. 

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