Sandra Bennet
First appearance Genesis
Powers None
Gender Female
Occupation Showdog breeder,
Former waitress
Residence Single-family home in Costa Verde,CA
Child(ren) Claire Bennet (adopted),
Lyle Bennet

Sandra Bennet is the adoptive mother of Claire Bennet, she is also the wife of Noah Bennet. In the first season she suffered severe mental health issues as a result of having her memory altered repeatedly. Being Claire's foster mother, Sandra has always tried to be there for her daughter, as evidenced by several episodes throughout the show's history. During the first season, Sandra's lovable dog, Mr. Muggles the Pomeranian, was always around her.

Character History

Season One

Sandra has no idea what HRG is doing, and gets sick from her memory being erased so many times.

Season Two

Volume Two Sandra became increasingly aware of what her husband truly was in Volume 2. She started to have doubts about their marriage but stayed with Noah, continuing her support for the family.

Season Three

Volume Three During a Season 3 episode, Angels and Monsters Sandra had stepped up to the plate, doing things that she would not normally do, such as going with her adoptive daughter, Claire to the lair of a potentially dangerous evolved human named Eric Doyle, to save Claire's biological mother, Meredith Gordon from whatever was keeping her. When Sandra and Claire arrived, they were taken hostage along with Meredith and were forced to play a deadly game with a hand held gun. The aftermath of the game being Claire getting shot by Sandra. Claire then revived and attacked the unknowing Doyle allowing for his puppet-like hold on the ladies to lift so that they could escape.

Volume Four

Season Four

Volume Five

Trivia Did you know that the actress who plays Sandra, Ashley Crow, is married to the actor Matthew John Armstrong who plays Ted Sprague?

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