Sheriff Davidson
First appearance Don't Look Back
Powers None
Gender Male
Occupation Chief of Police

Sheriff Davidson is the Chief of Police in Midland-Odessa, TX.

Character HistoryEdit

Don't Look BackEdit

Along with Officer Ramsford, Sheriff Davidson questions the Union Wells High School cheerleading squad, including Claire and Jackie, about the rescue of a man by a cheerleader following a catastrophic train wreck. He then tells Claire that the man is recovering and grateful.

Seven Minutes to MidnightEdit

In Midland, Sheriff Davidson and his deputy Lloyd have breakfast at the Burnt Toast Diner. They quiz Charlie, a waitress, about her amazing memory and talk about her plans to tour the world.When another waitress discovers Charlie murdered in a back room, Davidson and Lloyd question the diner patrons, including Hiro and Ando. Davidson tells them to hang around because he'll need a statement ... but Hiro , intent on preventing Charlie's murder, disappears into the past.


The Odessa mayor and Sheriff Davidson appear in a newspaper clipping depicting Jackie receiving an award for her heroics in the train wreck.

Six Months AgoEdit

Sheriff Davidson calls Charlie over to blow out her candles at her birthday party.