Ted Sprague
First appearance Nothing to Hide
Powers Induced radioactivity
Formal name Theodore Sprague
Gender Male
Age 33
Occupation Medical equipment salesman
Grandparent(s) Maternal grandparents:
Ernest Sprague,
Nellie Sprague


Ted Sprague is a recurring character in Heroes played by Matthew John Armstrong. Ted has the power to emit 10,000 CI of radiation.

After the death of his wife from cancer created by his radiation, he sought out those that gave him his power to kill them. Thought by others to be a terrorist hiding plutonium, Ted was able to produce levels similar to the element with his own body.

Two weeks prior to contacting Hana Gitelman, he purchased a sniper rifle in Nevada before moving to a shack in New Mexico. Officials from Company caught up with Sprague and attempted to contain him with liquid concrete. Ted exploded with fury killing all his men, but couldn't find their leader.

Two days later, Ted was in Billings, Montana investigating the source of his power's origin. He entered Primatech and found a scientist that was handling a hypodermic gun, similar to the ones used on Heroes. After threatening the scientist, he found that they manufactured it for wildlife researchers that used the gun to inject an isotope into their subjects, in this case animals. The isotope allowed for the researchers to track the animals where ever they went. Ted, now feeling like a wild animal that was being tracked torched the building and escaped.