Telepathy is the power to mentally control everything the brain controls, sending thoughts to people's minds, scanning memories and more by default, hearing thoughts.

The power first manifested itself in Matt Parkman by means of mind reading, where he thought he was just suffering from a hangover. Matt's Father, Maury Parkman, also confirmed that it started with mind readings.

Arthur Petrelli was shown to be adept in Telepathy since at least April 2006, when he forces a doctor to tell his family he is deceased when in fact he is not. However, it is not yet known where he obtained this power. In the episode It's Coming, he wiped Hiro Nakamura's memory to that of his 10-year-old self's, he was unable to remember his powers of anything that had happened. Many different things have been seen performed through Telepathy so far, including:

  • Mind reading
  • Dream manipulation
  • Memory altering
  • Mind Control
  • Manipulating senses


According to Daniel Linderman, altering or erasing memories and constant mind control leaves "scars" on the surface of the brain. However, people with regenerative powers can counter memory loss by healing the scars, as Linderman does with Angela Petrelli, causing her to remember all of the things her husband,Arthur Petrelli, caused her to forget.

Maury Parkman caused an image of the deceased Daniel Linderman to appear to Daphne and Nathan to get them to carry out tasks and recruit people to Pinehearst.

This power also lets more experienced users block intrusive mental attacks, such as when Molly tried to find Maury and he was able to lock her in a nightmare or when Matt tried to read his mind and Maury caused him pain.

When Peter used this power to look into Angela Petrelli's mind, he sees an image of the Pinehearst logo rather than hearing thoughts.

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