First appearance One Giant Leap
Powers Mental manipulation
Gender Male
Occupation Agent of Company
Sibling(s) Baron Samedi (half-brother)

René, commonly referred to as "the Haitian", is a supporting character in the TV series Heroes.


Wearing a necklace which displays a symbol seen throughout the series, the Haitian is an aloof character. He is referred to almost exclusively as simply "the Haitian" until he is referred to as René by Claire in "Shadowboxing". He did not speak in any episode until "Fallout," and his associate Eden McCain expressed the belief that he is mute. He kissed his necklace before erasing Matt Parkman's memory, and expressed a belief in God — specifically, a belief that superpowers are a gift from God, and should be respected. He is one of the few characters who sees his powers in a highly positive light. So far, his main alliances are with Mr. Bennet, Bennet's daughter, Claire, and Angela Petrelli.

Season 1

The Haitian was employed by The Company and worked closely with Mr Bennet, often removing Mrs Bennet's memory when she saw something she shouldn't have. The Haitian's main aim seemed to be to protect Claire and he refused to remove her memory despite Mr Bennet's request. When the Company discovered Claire's ability had manifested, they decided to bring her in. The Haitian and Mr Bennet united to help her escape. At his request, the Haitian then shot Mr Bennet and removed his memory so The Company wouldn't be able to get to Claire through him.

Season 2

The Haitian was dying from the Shanti virus in Port au Prince, Haiti. Help was on the way though as Mohinder had been sent to locate and cure him. Making a full recovery, he soon found himself back in the service of H.R.G and on a journey to Odessa, Ukraine to meet an old friend.

Season 3

Back working for Angela, The Haitian captured Hiro and Ando on her behalf. When Peter and Nathan followed him to Haiti, they joined forces to fight his murderous warlord brother Baron Samedi, who was impervious to injury. After helping Nathan escape Samedi's clutches, he removed his brother's powers and killed him with his bare hands. He then accompanied Peter on his mission to assassinate Arthur, and even offered to do the dirty deed for him. He held off Arthur's powers long enough for Peter to fire a bullet, but Sylar stopped the bullet just before impact and murdered Arthur instead.

Season 4

The Haitian answered H.R.G's call to wipe Danko's mind, freeing Tracy and the other heroes.


After Mohinder Suresh saved him from death in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Mohinder and the Haitian planned to trick the Company that Mohinder's memory was wiped. When the Company arrives, the Haitian is whisked back to Costa Verde, California, while they recover Mohinder.