First appearance The Butterfly Effect
Gender Male
Occupation "Prophet"
Residence A handmade hut

Character HistoryEdit

Usutu is a wandering Shaman in Africa with the power to paint the future. Most of the scenes he paints are of Matt Parkman. When Parkman is teleported to Africa by Peter, Usutu tells him he knew who he was by the name on his badge and shows him a painting of Matt rescuing Molly Walker. He told Matt was encouraged as a boy to gather fruit of many colors and paint, and that was painted when he was a boy. One of Us, One of Them

Hiro is given a task to abduct Usutu from Daphne, when he and Ando arrive in Africa, Hiro is immediately knocked out by a shovel, as he witnesses on one of Usutu's rock paintings. When he wakes up he teleports into Usutu's hut only to be knocked out again. The third time, he walks in and Usutu tells them that he passes the test by using his head and not his power. Usutu shows Hiro and Ando a painting of four villains they must decide to stop. Usutu gives Hiro a spirit walk to show him more insight on the villains he faces, when Hiro wakes up, he and Ando hear Usutu scream. Running out of the hut, they discover his decapitated body, with Arthur Petrelli standing near by. Dying of the Light, Villains

At the end of Volume Three Matt Parkman sees Usutu standing in Isaac Mendez's attic. Again Matt sees him in his apartment in Volume Four, Usutu tells him he has been chosen to be a prophet. Matt Parkman can then paint the future.


  • "Do you know Britney Spears?"
Usutu (to Matt) (The Butterfly Effect)