First appearance How to Stop an Exploding Man
Gender Male
Occupation Warlord

In 1671, Whitebeard faces Takezo Kensei in Otsu, Japan.

Character HistoryEdit


Whitebeard's war apparel is housed in a display case next to Kensei's display case at the Museum of Natural History.

How to Stop an Exploding ManEdit

As Hiro teleports to a field outside Kyoto, Japan in 1671, Whitebeard leads a small group of Japanese warriors. Just as Whitebeard is about to begin battling with Takezo Kensei, he and his men are distracted by both an ominous eclipse and a traveler from the future.

Four Months Later...Edit

After the eclipse overshadows Otsu, Japan, Whitebeard orders his archers to fire at decoyTakezo Kensei and Hiro. Hiro sees the arrows being fired and stops time around him, stopping the arrows, and freezing Takezo, Whitebeard and his men. He teleports away from the battle, leaving Whitebeard and his men in disarray.


Whitebeard and eleven of his men taunt and fight with Yaeko as she claims they dishonor the title of samurai. Suddenly, Hiro, disguised as Takezo Kensei, arrives. He stops time and takes the twelve swords from the men. Whitebeard orders his men to take up their bows and arrows, but Hiro proceeds to disarm them again. They run away from "Kensei".

Later, Whitebeard and his men appear to take revenge on Kensei. Whitebeard orders his men to fire arrows at Kensei, hitting him twice in the chest and once in the heart. They retreat after Kensei falls to the ground.

The LineEdit

Hiro Nakamura, Yaeko, Kensei, and the swordsmith run away from Whitebeard's camp, with Kensei killing many men in their way. Guards sound the alarm and Whitebeard fires a rifle towards the invading party. The bullet nearly hits Hiro or Yaeko, but Hiro teleports the two to safety. Later on Whitebeard appears on the cliff after Kensei knocked out Hiro, revealing that he and Kensei have made an alliance and that Yaeko and the swordsmith have been captured. Whitebeard promises Kensei anything he wants in return for his help.

Out of TimeEdit

Hiro escapes from Whitebeard's camp and destroys the guns the swordsmith had crafted for him.